"I Am Ready"

This relaxing & preparatory session allows mental & physical release of any blockages before your baby's BIRTH day by focusing on your prana as we breathe into trigger points that help prep you and baby. Pelvic floor release & essential oils included Recommended for mamas 38-42 wks pregnant.

New Mama massage

Nurturing care for the caregiver. Focused on restoring the body and rebalancing the hormones, this is quiet time a new mom needs to refill her own cup. 0-12 weeks postpartum. Vaginal or C-Section. A special 100% Organic Ayurvedic oil will be used to rebalance the systems while bringing warmth, circulation and comfort back to the body. (Check out our specials for an even better deal!)

Partner healing session

its hard work assisting in birth, lack of sleep kicks in and the new routine can be draining; why not refill your cup as well? Partners can get PPD as well, allow us to care for the caregiver too!

infant Massage

Babies need loving touch too, in fact it has been shown to help with constipation, jaundice, colic, growth, bonding and much more... In this session I will not only massage baby but teach parents how to massage baby as well.

*includes baby massage oil for continued use



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