Cherish, Founder, CMT

  • Yoni Steam Specialist

  • Fertility, Birth & Postpartum Doula

  • Postpartum Womb Sealer

  • Women's Intuitive Touch Therapist 

If you’ve received a massage from Cherish then you’ve already felt the difference in her powerful yet gentle touch. Using the guidance from angels, guides and ancestors she flows with the healing spirit.
She is open to all walks of life (same sex couples, single parents, religions, etc.) and does not impose her beliefs on anyone; she is very open hearted. 
She only uses organic coconut or unscented, paragon free oils, certified organic herbs and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, because we are what we put in and on our bodies. 
A session with this Womb Shamans (native healer) won't be your typical drive-by massage as she allows time for rest and integration before and after each customized session. 

Through healing modalities

we bring our bodies back into resolution.