Postpartum Healing


Settling In

  • Light housekeeping & cooking highly nutritious & restorative plant based meals &  warming teas.

  • Organizing house guest as well as the optional meal tree.

  • Lactation and/or bottle support

  • Helping with childcare (baby and/or siblings) so you can shower, nap or eat a meal.

  • Running any necessary errands such as pharmacy or grocery store.

4 hrs/day 3 days/wk for 2 weeks or 4hrs/day 2days/wk for 3 weeks

Cherish Your Body

We will start with a free phone or studio consultation to develop a customized healing plan specific to your needs. We will be discussing your mental, physical, emotional current & past history. I’ll discover the kind of spiritual practice you have, if any. What types of candles, herbs and/or essential oils work best for you. I will create an altar or sacred space designed to clear away any negative or unnecessary energy in your home & bring in new love-filled light!

The benefits of this in home healing is that you can nurse your baby whenever needed (even during the session) and you won’t have to drive anywhere after being so relaxed.

(All sacred space items will be provided by me, although you are welcome to include anything that is special to you)

Also included, is 4 weeks worth of my custom blended Postpartum tea, Postpartum Belly Oil & Belly Bonding materials to aid in your healing process.

I will also be available to assist you for the 4 weeks with any questions you may have.

Every session will include:

A 90 min full body mama healing session concluded with Maya abdominal massage using blessed herb infused oil & bandage belly binding, to help bring your womb & all its organs back to good health so you can feel whole again. (I will be in your home for about 2.5 hrs for the 1st session so we can go over your customized healing plan)

(take $120 off if c-section delivery within 6 weeks)

Entirely Cherish’d

This package includes both Settling In &Cherish My Body. This package could be right for you if you would like to be entirely nourished back to good health &happiness!

(take $120 off if c-section delivery within 6 weeks)

New Mama Experience

indulge yourself in the following ancient ritual:

We will begin our healing session with a yoni steam to help clear out any remaining lochia and help shrink your uterus back to a healthy size; this prevents prolapse. Followed by an herbal bath to help with the detoxification process; birth can leave a lot of extra fluids (especially if you had any IVs). This relaxing yet powerful bathing ceremony will leave you so ready for your head to toe massage. Your entire lymphatic system will be renewed after this warming ayurvedic treatment. And before we end our session we will bind the bones to release any lingering trauma then seal it all in with a warming belly massage with homemade oils snuggled all together with a soft belly bind.

Total session about 2.5 hours

Moon-Time Doula

Just wanting some help or a break during the wee hours of the night (9pm-9am). I can help with this too!



Sunday: Closed

Monday: 9-9

Tuesday: 9-9

Wednesday: 9-9

Thursday: 9-9

Friday: 9-9

Saturday: Closed