Skin Care Services


Botanical Facial - $100/30 min.

This luxurious floral facial will nourish your skin in a way you've never experienced before, using 100% organic homemade ingredients. We will start with a facial steam bath to open the pores and cleanse dirt & makeup from the face as well as heal sinus and such. Ecstasy awaits as we tone the skin then gently scrub it with more healing herbs. You will leave refreshed, cleared and renewed after the herbal mask and rosehip drink for your face.

Botanical Facial + Massage - $150/75 min.

Organic Herbal Facial + Fully Body Massage

Facial Steam - $80/30 min.

This is an absolutely regal botanical treat for the face! Our Facial Steam is formulated specifically for deep pore cleansing, and skin vitality using 100% organic herbs & flowers. Allow the rising steam to carry the herbal properties into your skin; this is a wonderful way to absorb the pure, unbridled essence of beneficial botanicals that relieve sinus, sickness and congestion as well. (Check out our specials for an even better deal!)



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