The (after) Birth Plan for Singles and Couples

The (after) Birth Plan for Singles and Couples

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You're fully prepared for that special day with your nursery all set, bags packed & birth plan printed but what happens next?

This "nesting" or "laying in period" is just as important to prepare for, if not MORE!

"The way we take care of ourselves during this time affects us for the next 40 years", said Yogi Bhajan

In our groups together we will learn the essentials for postpartum recovery including but not limited to:

-healthy foods and lifestyle habits

-postpartum support

-connecting with your partner

-how to make your own recovery products

-picking your perfect support team

-the core principals of self care

-the best ways to support the new mama as a partner

-vaginal & cesarean delivery, how to plan & recover

-healing our body back into wholeness through self love & care

-re-birthing ourselves

and much more....

The (after)Birth Plan Outline:


- Preparing the Nest

What is Nesting? Different cultures. Why it is so important.

What to expect: How your body will feel and look. Mood.

House guest- help instead of host. How couples can support one another.

Take home: Create a nesting plan

- Nutrition

We will take a look at foods that nurture mama & baby. The foods, herbs, oils & teas that help boost or balance milk supply. Why warm foods are so important.

Take home: Meal plan

- Caring for You

This is the most important class of them all! Why because caring for yourself 1st allows you to give back to your little one.

Traditional postpartum healing methods & rituals.

How your partner can care for themselves as well.

Sitz baths, belly binding, abdominal massage, herbal teas, belly oils, vaginal steam baths, spiritual bathing, moxibustion

Take Home: Sitz Bath

Day 2

- Caring for You Pt.2

Planning & aftercare for a Vaginal & Cesarean delivery. Preventing uterine prolapse, mastitis, diastasis recti, engorgement, low milk flow, postpartum depression and so on…

Take Home: learn breast & perineal massage

- Deep Dive: Releasing any Blockages

What’s holding you back from birthing to your FULLEST potential? We will debunk the birthing myths while finding our power to say NO to those that think they know best. Find your way back to your OWN birth to release any birth trauma that you may still be carrying.

- Graduation & Integration

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the ABP with more tools, wisdom and community… Now let’s celebrate!

Take Home: Certificate, phone numbers & a full belly!

I suggest you start after 20 weeks of pregnancy to better retain the information.

Deposit $30 single or $50 couple or

Paid in FULL $160 single or $270 couple (there are no refunds for a missed pre-paid class but you may drop into a future class)

*This class is open to the LGBTQ community & single parents. Feel free to bring a friend or support person to join in on the fun!

Space is limited so save your spot today!

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